Sunroom Addition Costs Florida

Roberts Brothers Construction in Sarasota can help with letting the Florida light shine in by adding a Sunroom Addition to your Florida home.  If you’re also like most consumers, you’re probably hoping you can do a quick internet search to find what Sunroom Addition Costs Florida are.

An article was written by Remodeling Magazine that stated a 200-square foot Sunroom Addition for your Florida Home with footings and slabs on a grade foundation will probably cost you up to $70,000.  Furthermore, a survey on found that the average Sunroom Addition Costs Florida to be quite the opposite, $13,833.

Mid Range Sunroom Addition Cost in Florida

Sunroom Addition Costs Florida

Why the Big Pricing Difference

Why the discrepancy? And how much can you expect to pay? A variety of factors determine the Sunroom Addition Costs Florida, which is why you can’t pin down an exact price online. Roberts Brothers Construction in Sarasota works directly with you, the homeowner, to offer you a Free In-Home Estimate that help answer the following questions:

  • Learn the desired outcome of your Sunroom Addition
  • Assess your space and take measurements
  • Explain what Roberts Brothers Construction can offer in terms of styles and products
  • Learn about your lifestyle
  • Discuss your budget & resale options
  • Finally, recommend what will work best for you

What Determines the Cost of a Sunroom?

More than one factor goes into determining Sunroom Addition Costs Florida.  Roberts Brothers Construction can help explain these including

  • First of all the location of the Sunroom Addition
  • The size of space needed
  • Finishing touches & decor
  • Custom Roofing
  • Electrical Options
  • The type of Sunroom
  • And more.

Types of Sunroom Additions by Roberts Brothers Construction

Four Season Sunroom Additions

Four Season Vinyl Sunrooms

Roberts Brothers Construction offers Vinyl Sunroom Additions.  The vinyl doors and exterior finishes of this Sunroom Addition are practically maintenance free, therefore the preferred Sunroom Addition in Florida.

Since Florida has extremely high heat and heavy rains, Vinyl is very easy to clean & less likely to show normal wear and tear.  Our Four Season Vinyl Sunrooms have factory-welded corners which are structurally stronger than other types of corner assemblies.

Sunroom Addition Costs Florida

Four Season Aluminum Sunrooms

Because of the Florida Weather, most of all the heat and rain, our Four Season Aluminum Sunrooms are designed to be heated and cooled, allowing you to use your Sunroom Addition year around.

Unlike other Sunroom and Patio Enclosures, Roberts Brothers uses powder-coated aluminum extrusions that provide the highest resistance to scratching, peeling, fading, and chipping.  In conclusion our promise and guarantee to you is your Sunroom Addition will hold its color and new look for a lifetime.

Sunroom Addition Costs Florida

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